Graduate Development and Services facilitates students’ success by managing and coordinating the delivery of programs, services, and resources across a variety of domains which include the Student Center Helpdesk; Residential Life; Graduate Events and Recreation; Office of Professional Development; English Language and Communication Program; and the Student Counseling Services. Graduate Development and Services’ staff also work closely with the Graduate Student Council and collaborate with the campus community to enhance the greater experience of KAUST’s graduate and visiting students.
In addition to these services, the offices of Graduate Development and Services oversee the planning and implementation of the New Student Orientation programs held every August and January for new incoming students.

Development and Services Offices

English Language and Communication Program

The ELCP provides a range of English language support services at all levels for all graduate students; we aim to strengthen English language skills, support academic success, and expand professional opportunities.







The Office of Residential Life serves to positively shape the quality of the on-campus student living experience. Residential Life fosters vibrant, inclusive communities which cultivate personal development, emphasize cross-cultural interactions, encourage leadership, enhance the educational experience, and provide a sense of belonging to each student.





​​The Graduate Events and Recreation Office works to provide fun and exciting extracurricular activities for KAUST students. These range from mid-week socials and sports competitions to visits to cultural and historical sites within the Kingdom. Graduate Events and Recreation also provides the opportunity for students to create and lead graduate student groups that indirectly enhance students' studies, offer them leadership opportunities and promote a sense of community on campus.






The Student Career Development office’s mission is to help you clarify your goals, develop your skillset, and navigate your career journey confidently!

We offer you access to a range of services, resources, and career exposure opportunities that support your career planning development and prepare you for your next career step:

  • The Career Development Academy
  • Skills Development Workshops
  • Career Counseling
  • Job Readiness Initiatives
  • Job Search Platforms
  • Peer Coaching
  • Mentoring


You will have to add your active engagement and commitment! Begin your journey as soon as you arrive at KAUST.






Student Counseling Services (SCS) helps graduate students and their dependents enhance their academic and personal wellbeing. Through seminars, community outreach and confidential personal counseling, the team at SCS ensures students' holistic health. SCS offers free prevention, intervention, information, and referral services to all KAUST students and their dependents.






Located in the Student Center lobby (Building 18), the Student Center Helpdesk is a one-stop venue for graduate students. As such, it represents the main, centralized point of contact between students and the programs and services of Graduate Affairs.






The Graduate Student Council represents the interests of KAUST graduate students to University administration, faculty, staff, the community and industry. A core objective of the Council is to promote the quality of instruction and research at KAUST. The Council also seeks to expand the options and opportunities for student employment after graduation.