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Provost Dr. Lawrence Carin

As Provost, Dr. Lawrence Carin provides strategic and administrative leadership in all matters pertaining to faculty, students and education programs, including recruitment, retention, promotion, and talent development, as well as curriculum, dual/joint degrees, online and continuing education, and new academic programs.
Before coming to KAUST, Carin was the Vice President for Research at Duke University, where he also held a number of distinguished positions including the James L. Meriam and William H. Younger Distinguished Professorships of Engineering, Chair of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department and Vice Provost for Research.
Carin is a world-class researcher in the areas of AI & Machine Learning. Across all fields of computer science he is ranked #435 worldwide and #279 in the U.S. His background in AI is highly complimentary to the new digital thematic priority at KAUST, and will help attract top-caliber talent to the Kingdom. He is a Fellow of the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) since 2001, and has co-authored over 450 academic papers with a Google Scholar H-Index of 86.
As the Lead of the Duke Science & Technology Initiative (where several U.S. National Academic Members were hired) and through his other administrative positions at Duke, Carin has a strong track record of recruiting pre-eminent faculty. As part of his role as Vice President for Research, he oversaw the Duke Office of Licensing and Ventures. He also co-founded the Signal Innovations group (acquired by BAE Systems in 2014) and established Infinia ML to commercialize his research in AI/ML.



Mission Statement

The Office of The Provost supports KAUST's mission by leading, producing and delivering services to students, alumni, faculty and staff of a global university through:

















A message from Brian Moran, Dean of Graduate Affairs

Graduate Affairs is responsible for several key aspects of the student life-cycle before, during, and after study at KAUST. The principal units in Graduate Affairs are:

  • Admissions
  • Alumni Affairs
  • Graduate Development and Services

Admissions contributes, with a broad array of stakeholders, to the design of the admissions process and is responsible for its implementation. KAUST's Alumni Office focuses on maintaining a high fidelity data base of our alumni as well as engaging alumni through our Alumni Affairs web site, and through an annual event at the Winter Enrichment Program.

Graduate Development and Services provide a wide range of activities and services that contribute to student development, well-being, and residential and recreational life on campus. Operations provides essential HR, finance, and support services to students and provides system and integrated data management support to Graduate Affairs.

Several of the units described above combine as cross-functional teams to handle student on-boarding, student orientation, and student exiting. Graduate Affairs plays an important role in Commencement and associated events and activities.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at admissions@kaust.edu.sa for more information.

Brian Moran, PhD

Dean of Graduate Affairs